Sunday, September 21, 2008

21 Sept nite Prpp

Was in Prpp at 1.45-4.45am for a session with burp.
Burp first 3 cast landed 3 GP in 10min, for me i just finishing set up me rod cos slow hand slow leg:( park my rod with prawn meat before i can turn to set my other rod, marker up, shoot.! up come GP, cast again same spot less then 5min marker up again, shoot n land, Miss few hookup on GP, after first half hr GP when AWOL:(
The rest all on rubber, i got a big hit on rubber n reel when ZZZzzzZZZzz fish dive ard the croc n line cut, i n burp have few hit on rubber n due to slow hand action:p all kim is ard 1kg size..

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