Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ah Fatt Kelong Charges

Hi All,

If you guys are keen, below is the link to Ah Fatt Kelong

2D1N is at RM$155 per pax
3D2N is at RM$225 per pax
Mini Bus is at RM$750 per bus (6 to 8pax)
Total is about S$150 if taking 3D2N (incl Minibus)

Alternatively, can try Ah Ngan kelong or Acheh Kelong


Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

pls comfirm the date n time thx

JessieNCL said...

28 november ⁿ-ⁿY

Keith Peck said...


Need some indication on how this thing works.

So after we confirm date and booking is done. How much do we pay? Or Pay all upfront?

Another thing. Can some post his or her setup for the trip and maybe some rigs needed. Dont want to go too unprepared.

I should be able to confirm by tml.

Keith Peck said...

Leave approved... All ready to go.

Someone answer my questions leh...

Me newbie leh...

JessieNCL said... wasps n ask him larh..i oso dunno nid to bring wad wor..haha..

u newbie..mi noobie leh..wakakaka

Wasps said...

not an expert on kelong fishing but the last trip i went, i brought along 3 rods (6.5ft First Stik with abu 2500 reel, 7ft Old skool Fibreglass rod with 4000 slade and 9ft carbon rod 7000 tica)

need alot of sinkers, balloons, light sticks, float for todaks, sabikis, at least 50lbs leader, cable leader for barracudas and recommend to have at least 20lbs main line

Hope that helps... also bring sun screen

Keith Peck said...
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Keith Peck said...

Sounds good. Was thinking of just getting a 9ft rod for distant casting and use my existing reels.Any recommendations?

Will bring my caldia kix 4000, biomaster 4000 for bottom/distant casting.

Stradic 1000 or arelex 1500 plus 6'6" rod for bait/sotong fishing.

Btw, how else is going?

Anyway who

Wasps said...

Bro Piero...

My 2 cents worth is not to bring any reel smaller than 2000. You will not know what you'll get while jigging.
Might just strip your line entirely before you can react.
Also bring some sotong jigs if you have.

Aunty Jess,

Let me know who confirm by this weekend hor coz i'll be away next week till month end so may not have time to help you arrange for your VIRGIN Kelong Trip

JessieNCL said...

Uncle waRps!!!

will let u noe ASAP..*wink*

Keith Peck said...

Wasp... Any good sotong jigs to recommend? I am planning to buy a few items per month once the trip is confirmed.

Wasps said...

bro piero..

not too sure about sotong jigs man...
we were using sotong jigs of different colours on our last trip. Mainly the colours are Orangy Pink, White and Green