Tuesday, September 23, 2008

avoid hg tackle shop if the lady boss is around

i wanted to get a rod stand from a particular tackle shop that is sponsoring a section of this forum.

i called at 6pm and told them i would be there before 7pm(where the tackle shops in beach road usually closes)

at about 6.45pm i reached the shop and was choosing the items that i want to purchase

and as you know during this process there will definitely be some chitchatting with the sales staff and such and the lady in charge of the counter (i assume is the lady boss) just shouted across the shop "hello are you paying by card,nets or what?"

i was utterly shocked at this question and i just turned back and looked at the lady and she just asked the questioned again and feeling angry i just replied back in the same manner which she asked me which is curtly "cash"

when my missus went to settle the payment the lady still got the cheek to tell us that cause of the "special discount" that she is giving us,she cant stamp on the "spend $50 get a chop" card.

i mean what is this?

this is not the 1st time that i am patronizing the shop,the 1st time we went there the i spent nearly $400 at the place and the uncle just chopped the card and gave us $25 discount off on top of the discount that he already gave us and the next trip there we spent another $300 on them as well and she also gave us the same kind of "i already gave you a very special discount price so i cant chop on the card" and to think that the 3rd time i went back ot the shop,such a thing happen a gain.

i mean if you are thinking of by claiming that you already gave us a special discount,why put on the shop front on a standing notice board that for every $50 you spend you get a chop?

frankly i am not hard up for the chop,if i can just walk in to the shop and just pay for the rods and reels that i wanna get without even batting an eyelid.

i am also not showing off in any sense here,
what i am trying to drive at is that the stuff the shop sells i can also get it at other places but why should i be spending my money and be getting such treatment when i am not just spending $20 or $30 per trip but at least $150 per trip?

frankly speaking i dont even mind paying for more if the service is good.

i hope i am not creating any problems by posting this up here.

thank you.


kenlemieux said...

bro...i think she hving her period lol

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

yeah.. period makes a lady frustrated

Anonymous said...

she so old still got perid??mai kid mi leh

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

bro storm.. can try ask her. hahaha.. who knows??

Excalibur said...

Bros,she may nt bleed fm the bottom mah,she can also bleed fm the top wat.."tor huui" ( vomit blood fm poor biz ), who knows rite.hahaha..my 0.02cents