Friday, September 19, 2008

Lure Haven

Dear Bros and Sis,

Team AA members who produce the Team AA Badge Logo will be given a 20% discount when purchasing lures and rubbers at Lure Haven.

We will kepp you updated about others...

The Addict


Keith Peck said...

Aiyah.. Shd have told me earlier. Rod and reel no have ah?

Angling Addict said...

Bro Piero,

These things take time to arrange carefully leh... I had to go and meet Dave personally first as well..

For Lure Haven, only lures and rubbers.

Keith Peck said...

Thanks thanks.

Anyway he gives good discounts for rod and reels too. Just bought a Daiwa reel and golden mean rod from him in the last two weeks.

kenlemieux said...

badge?? i don't hv a badge..but is inked in my heart...haha. Who got badges to spare?..i wanna a megabass Rodsss!!!!