Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My new toy

Yesterday afternoon was a damn bloody hot weathered day and i have to go under the sun to take a look at the F1 site.

Met up with the missus at suntec at about 3.30pm for a meeting with someone was supposed to hold the meeting for about 2hours but than the meeting was shortlived as the other side got an emergency call and have to go off.

Well looking at the time was only about 4plus so just drove down to beach road to see see look look at the tackle shops .

Wanted to get a europro rod but quite a number of shops say they dont carry it and if wanna get must get the 1st batch ones if not the 2nd batch onwards break easily if wanna use on the GT pond.

In the end hafta be satisfied with looking at reels ,i have always been fascinated by reels as they come in all sorts of shapes or rather sizes and colours.

Was interested in getting a multiplier(though i dont know much about them hehehe) for the future trips for big catches(must be dreaming of it man hahahaha)

In the end smsed a few brothers here and got myself a shimano torium 16,looks like i need a show case to showcase my reels soon hahaha,at the rate i am going to get the reels

Have not added the line yet as dont know what sort of line to put in

Any advise?


PP777 said...

the line can use 20-30lbs braided for offshore,also have to depend of what rod you are using with it.

Angling Addict said...

Torium 16, superb reel. What line.. well guess that will depend on where you are fishing and what you are chasing. I'd check the reel details as they usually have the line capacities somewhere if not, I am sure the Shimano Website has the info....

Showcase for reels... HEH! HEH! HEH! looks like another Tackle Addict in the making... soon there will be another blog linked to this. Storm's Toys.....

Look at mine lor : under the links, AA's Private Tackle Collection.

Anonymous said...

yah actually i find collecting reels and lures very interesting.

besides bowling balls i think i shall embark on collecting reels and lures hahahaha

Ti§h said...

if ya using long rod for super far casting, be sure to remove the guide, else free fried bee hoon :)

all the best