Friday, October 17, 2008

FR for FW1 17th October 2008

Was supposed to go home and sleep after a very long meeting spanning from 9pm till this morning 6am,but than as i had a bowling tournament tomorrow morning so it does not make sense for me to go home sleep and wake up in the evening and cant get to sleep at night and do badly for the tournament tomorrow so called up Aloysius aka Red Shadow and told him i would be turning up for fishing after all.

Reached there about 8m n Marlinz n Alan were already fishing with Aloysius.

Nothing caught till 10am where the released the fishes,but before releasing,Thomas,Johnson n Guru Yong came down to support us.

As i left at about 1pm due to heavy downpour,the total count were 2 TWN n a lot of milkfish caught by Guru Yong on his prawning rod.

The rest of them are still battling as i typed.

Best of luck

and thanks to the supporters who came down offering mi kind advise n help,even though i made a joke outta myself today hehehe

eyes closing going off to bed now...

oh yah my arsenal today was 6ft ugly stik lite 2pc,diawa sprinter 2000

P.S johnson,the models can be bought at most model shops,i told u at kallang leisure n orchard cineleisure,left out century square,do not go to kallang as their range not as much as the other 2 i mentioned.


Angling Addict said...

What's "FR" bro???

Excalibur said...

mayb stands for "Fishing Report"..haha

Anonymous said...

field report

Anonymous said...
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