Monday, October 27, 2008

FW1No.2 26102008

Attendance: PP777, F6, Alan, Joshua and Kenn.
Total catch : 11pcs (4TW, 2 KBL, 2 Reds, 3AC -2 above 2kg)

*Alan missed a speedy bullet train...ZZZZzzzzzzzz
*KBL was caught on Sotong head (F6) & kembong (Kenn).
*Other biggies caugh by other anglers

- Sagai above 4Kg (small boy on our left)

- Big KBL x 2 Gao x3

PTE KBL out of line

CO Parade Formation


*F6 waiting for ur 4 heavenly prince pics*

**Helping my sis to sell her Macbook 13" BLACK condition : as good as brand new, 2.16ghz,160GB hardisk. Bought OCT 2007 $2535. Selling ard $1300-$1500. Interested parties drop me a msg.


Angling Addict said...

only one word for it...... SHIOK!!!

Thanks for the pics!


kenlemieux said...

=)) np bro

Fishingjojoman said...

Eh nvm Jio ... My freezers very empty !!!! HA ha ha jk