Sunday, October 5, 2008

Married and itchy!!!

3 married men. 1 common goal - scratch the itch and be home to be with wifey by noon!

And so, Marlinz, F6 and wolfblass headed to FW1 no.2 early this morning. The plan was to fish for tilapia behind us and use them as bait for the mamas in front of us. Arrived at the pond at about 730, cast off at 745am. Bro marlinz landed the first catch of the day, a teeny weeny GP. I was still dreaming the gao dream. To date, after so many visits, I have yet to land my first lao gao at FW1!

The first 90 minues was generally quiet except for some guy at the opposit bank with a modified ss700 ringing off at least twice, landing some good sized ACKs. We had a couple of pulls and burst off, almost always reeling in badly mangled, and very dead tilapias. The action started when during Pang Hee Time at about 10am.

Parking strategically just next to the released net, we landed a couple of ack. Action died down pretty fast, from 1030 onwards, we started casting at the open area and thats where things became interesting. F6 hit something that just shot off, peeling line off his biomaster like there's no tomorrow. His line snapped at the pump. I lost a few again with the badly bitten tilapias. Marlinz also encountered a toot toot train at the pipe area. In total we landed 7. Considering the size of the catch and thrills of those burst off. Its well worth it. We called it a day at lunchtime. Thats it folks! Pictures will come later. :)

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PP777 said...

this CR title so catchy yet no one comment???
where's the **** is Ken & Wasps?
Guess they arent getting married today?