Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Went to PRPP today cos got some free time after work. Did a 3 hour session. Nothing happened till fish release. Total of 3ACk and 1GP. ACK all 1kg range. Only one slightly bigger. Gave my 8lb setup quite a good fight. GP was super ultra small, and was deformed. Looked just like a tennis ball.

All these financial crisis thing making work really sian these days so super long never fish liao. Overall quite happy. Only thing is that they very niao... time not up the fatman keep asking me what time is my ticket up?

Gave all fishes away to the two resident malay fishermen there.....


Angling Addict said...

HI Bro! Good one! Just wondering, was the Princess there at all?

Keith Peck said...

Never see princess for weeks if not months whenever I go there for a walk.

Usually see this old, thin, dark man.

Pic is in my hp. Will load tonight.

Anonymous said...

nice catch