Saturday, October 4, 2008

A PRPP CR on 4th Oct 2008

this cr below is posted by Jordan488,
i copied it at FK's PRPP forum,
open for Team AA members opinions n comments.

Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2008 2:52 pm Post subject: CR 04 Oct 08

when to prpp today 1030 started fishing... using live prawns at first... the pond is full of pest fish. the prawn cant even stay alive for 10secs upon hitting the water. after the lure haven guys when off, left me n my friend 2 person bao whole pond zzzz. since cant use live prawn, change to rubber... notice the pump outside the office when off.. cast near the office and hit a TN after 2-3 cast.. wow happy man... this pond no so bad leh... thinking in my head.. then dont know why the pump when on again.. no more fishes after the pump on.. alot of fish floating on the water... half dead, half rotten fishes. 12pm ask the pond operator why never put fish... he say fish havent come.. have to wait for fish to come then can put. yah right sat fish havent come.. we all know because only 2 suckers there fishing so never put fish say fish havent come. those who is plan to go to the pond good luck to you. this pond is at it most unbelieveable condition. but i think no one is fishing there la only 2 suckers me and my friend who is stupid enough to go there. even if never catch any fish also nevermind at least put some fish in or tell us straight in our face because only 2 person fishing so cant put fish also not so bad at least honest. dont give stupid excuse like the fish lorry havent come.


PP777 said...

well well well,
it is getting worst at PRPP,
Bro S1,the above was posted by others,the situation is real bad.
Got to have a magic coin to tose and turn the situation around.

kenlemieux said... comments. If AA see this i think he go crazy again..haha

PP777 said...

posted the cr for us to discuss, see what is the best ways to help PRPP revive its glory,we talking about the pond, not the managements.

i think 1st thing to do is remove the sandbags,thus allowing the water to be more lively.

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

agree wit u. with the sandbags around, water is totally dead..