Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PRPP Recce Report by Blue Rose

This was posted in FK by Blue Rose last nite under general fishing section...

"Was at the pond today around 4 pm, saw a total of 4 Anglers, the bite rate was miserable, 2 Zero Fighters, an "old timer " got 6 KC and the other 1 ACL and 1 TN. Check with staff "HUNGRY HIPPO" whether got release fish or not, as usual "YES" morning release liao. MORNING NO ANGLERS BUT RELEASE FISH, AFTERNOON WITH ANGLERS.....REPLIED MORNING RELEASE OF FISH ALREADY.

Fish truck came but for the skill pond ONLY. At around 4.45 pm, 2 ZERO gave up and start fishing at the skill pond and caught a total of 17 catches, 8 ACK, 8 KBL and I KC."

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