Saturday, October 25, 2008

recce on TMJ and CR at FW1

went to jurong to get some stuff, den happen to think of TMJ.. nve went there b4, so i make my way there.. when i reach there about 10pm++ .. the 1st thing is.. OMG. this place just like a children playground.. saw 4 rod on the skill fishing pond. not even a action. so went to the prawning side, den saw 3 SMALL KBL, less den 800g.. alot of ppl were prawning , not even a single action too..
so i proceed to the main pond.. OMG.. y the shape of the pond like tat 1.. the whole pond, around 10++ rod, all with floater?light sticks. NO ACTION.. den i say to jess.. haha.. u still wan to go for the event?? den she see liao oso shake head.. haha..

aft send jess back, i finally r4cive my frns msg. he was at FW1 till 1am++. so i make a U-turn at Giant. when i reach there, he had only landed 3X TWN. , 1X AK.. at 1am, another net released. not much action. about last 10min, , my frn pass me his rod, less den 3min, bite.... 1X TWN, times almost up, last piece of hangneck, hook n cast. nibble n .. zzzzz . another TWN. all catch less den 1KG.

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Redshadow said...

nowadays Fw 1 is also no different from other pond,,,they release lot of tnt inside the pond,,other types is getting lesser