Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Common bait used. Hang neck AKA japanese scad also similar to round scad.


sun2000 said...

Normally Kembong is rounder and darker in color. Selar has a hard tail section and the fins are yellow. Overall still don't know which is more effective in pond fishing. I know all are good for sea fishing if they are alive.
Anyways, good information and thanks for sharing.

PP777 said...

Kembongs got the typical greenish lines.
mostly Kembongs preferred for pond fishing.

Bro Sun,
the kbls are back,so can bring the rubbers out again.

Angling Addict said...

Nice one Bro CF,

Kembong, you can see dark lines running along the body, Batu less significant. Kembong is the better of the 2 as baits.

Selar is the yellowtail scad. its pectoral is very much longer.

I rate

1) Tiao Keng
2) Kembong
3) Batu
4) Selar

for pond fishing