Monday, October 27, 2008

sikla hit FW1

just went for a 3hr session with 3 friends.. but the rest fish for 5hrs. b4 i left the pond, we hit a 1X GT 3.5KG, 2X2kh AK, 2XTWN, 1kg and and1,5kg. lost quite a few while fighting, cos i was using 7ft popping rod, with Twinpower C3000, as the reel arm is fix on the right handler, very hard to strike well.. all catch on sikla.
use my lousy hp to take the GT, but come out black black.. so i deleted


PP777 said...

what's sikla???
Isit selar you referring?
use sikla to use,
then use turban to wrap rite?
just joking nia nia......... cheersss
good catch

Anonymous said...

anyboly going fw1 for fishing these few days?

nid a break from work


Angling Addict said...

Good one bro PP777, I was going to suggest the turban thing myself! hahaha! but tell you what, I still give CSM top marks for spelling by pronounciation....

Angling Addict said...

oso hor, why nowadays no pics???? You guys dun love me any more issit??? dun post pics for me to see???

PP777 said...

Hi AA,
wil sms burp n F6 to post some recent catches,burp hit a very big pacu n a big kim. my pics also
with them.

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

bros.. of cos i know how to spell selar la.. i bird birdly spell tis way de ma.. singlish is like tat de mah.. btw aa, the turbun can put a badge AA.. like those bar yee police in Sg de..
no racial involve..

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

i tried to take few picts using my HP, but .. haiii.. black black how to see..