Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sweepfire spool

Guys remember i was asking about the problem of the sweepfire?

since i had suggestions that the drag could be the cause of it,i took out the drags of the 3 sweepfire,which are the 1000,1500,2500 and tried to do a comparison of the drags,the drags looked ok to me,in fact they got better drag than the sprinter,sprinter only got a drag and metal washer(from my sprinter 2000),whereas sweepfire got at least 2drags and 3 metal washer each even for the sweepfire 1000.

looking at the drags n metal washers they looked fine,but when i look at the inner part of the spool i was kinda blur,the finish on the spool were not smooth like the rest of the spool.

i will post pics of the spools of the 3 sweepfire up you guys can tell me if my deduction of the spool being rough has got anything to do with the drag being so tight is right

the one with the screw driver in the pic is the 1500 spool and the one not so clear is the 1000spool whereas the one which is the most smooth is the 2500 spool.


Angling Addict said...

aaah... very soon... Drag Doctor John... hahaha! Can't tell anything from the pics bro... sori... maybe you wanna check with Chungfish, Burp or Piero.

Keith Peck said...


Can I check that your reels are all new?

Usually with 3 washers, it comes with 3 pieces of drags. Each metal washer for each piece of drag material.

What exactly were you experiencing in term of your drag?

Anonymous said...

ya they are brand new,they drag is very tight i need to loosen a lot in order for the spool to turn

Keith Peck said...


Simple lah.. Must be the reel left on the counter for a while.

You can change all drags, order from smooth drag. Google and you can find. Also good chance to upgrade the rest of your drags to carbontex.

I would think that for each metal washer, there should be a drag material. You should not let your metal washer come in contact with the bottom of your reel. That will cause unnecessary damage to your reel.

After you gotten the spare drag, dismantle everything from your reel. Get some zippo from those DIY store, put some on a clean piece of cloth and clean the drag compartment plus all metal washer. Go to TTC, get some shimano white grease, a painting brush (small one), lightly grease all drag materials and metal washers. Reassemble all things, make sure all the holes in the washers are aligned. That should solve the problem. Only worry is the bottom of the drag compartment looks sratched. That may cause some friction and damage to the drag material.

Remember from bottoms up, the order is drag material, metal washer, drag material, metal washer(with two handle-like parts), drag material then lastly metal washer.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

that is the problem i am talking about,the bottom of the spool is scratched,which is the reason why i am putting up the pics here to try to show you guys,so what do we do from here since the bottom compartment is scratched..not by me by manufacture fault.

Keith Peck said...

If the bottom part is scratched then bring it back to where you bought it lor.

Ask them why the drag feels so wierd. Better dont tell them U dismantle the drag, later they say U damange it yourself.

chung said...

from the pic, the bottom seemed badly scratch probably metal to metal. Don't think it can be repaired but a change is needed. However, given the price of the reel, ermmm. ... may want to consider if need changing

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

bro storm, btw, u gonna use those reel? if not, don bother about those drags la..

Anonymous said...

xenol is right hahahaha...

i aint gonna use just buy for display only lah wakaakakaka

nowadays i only use my pioneer perfect cast 1k or my daiwa sprinter 2k when i fish at ponds

but i guess if i bring it back n feedback to sam/gina will help them lor like what bro cp was suggesting,also i hate to see such a beautiful reel go to waste cos of the manufacturing fault

is there anyways i can use sandpaper and sand away the rough edges??

Keith Peck said...

Probably not sand it. May induce more scratches and thus not advisable. Probably get those metal polisher that can help minimise scratches.

In the event that you want to use this reel in future, probably need more grease at the bottom and take note to monitor the drag condition regularly.

Anonymous said...

that one i think the polishing cream will not be able to do the job,cos it looked like it went tru a bad traffic accident,i guess i try using very fine sand paper and try to do it the "gentle" way to see if i can minimize the damage