Thursday, October 2, 2008

Warning! Warning! Warning! Supplementary Health Advisory!

From the Desk of The (Dr) Angling Addict : -

Further to my initial health advisory vide :

I have some more sad news to announce..

Another Fishing-related illness has be discovered by Dr Addict and I have to issue this Supplementary Health Advisory - AA/SHA2008-001/BFE :

5) The BFE Syndrome

having had 2 reported cases of "catch-no-fish depression", I have come to the conclusion that Fishingitis has a after-shock syndrome when no fish is caught. This causes the victim to be depressed severely and start mentioning the incidents that he last faced that has left an irreparable dent in the victim's brain.

Stage 2 of the disease will have the victim talking non-stop about "liak boh heer" to the point that it starts to irritate other people.

Stage 3 of the disease will have the victim, having had ALL friends ignore his complaints and hence ignore him about his "no fish" sickening repeated comments and the victim may start trembling especially in the hands and break out in cold sweat regularly. He is likely to start talking to himself and at home, in the toilet, at the bus-stop, in the BUS, in the MRT, in the Taxi. He may even start complaining to the taxi driver who should then take either 1 of 4 options :

Option a) Just pretend the victim in not in the cab

Option b) Drive to the nearest Police Station or Police Post

Option c) Drive straight to SIMH

Option d) Stop the Taxi immediately, open the drivers' door and run for your life. 2 hours later, just head to the famous pond that the victm was muttering about and pick up your cab there. Dont worry cab sure to be there one.

Stage 4 is the final stage that has gone beyond the point of return. Symptoms : the victim starts writing article like this crap boring one. Cure : Bring victim to a place that he CONFIRM WILL FISH for 7 separate sessions. Also, at the end of the session, collect 2 bowls of the GFE pond water, write the words clearly "CAUGHT FISH ALREADY" in both English and Chinese "Diao Dao Yu le" and must draw a happy smiley face like this " ", burn that paper into the water and double boil to 1 cup and have the victim drink the potion.

Again... as the Dr Addict has said..... BE WARNED!

Jest joking again hor!!!

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kenlemieux said...

take care bro ...we'll seeya sn, mama gao is waitin for u.