Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kelong Trip Pickup Point

Hi Guys,

Please let me know where you want to have the pickup location.

Will it be Hougang and AMK or Whitesands and AMK

Please let me know.



Keith Peck said...

I prefer hougang... But depends on how others feel. Hey. I dont think I can get hold of my bro's ice box... Someone else has one?

Redshadow said...

icebox i bring,,not 2 worry,,
but must depends how many of us,,
List For Hougang
! Redshadow
2, Piero

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

im bringing my ice box too..

PLS update..

1. Redshadow - Hougang
2. Piero - Hougang
3. jeskel - Sengkang
4. Loner - Punggol
5. Xenokel - Tampines

JessieNCL said...

Wasps..i think pick up point at HG n AMK bah..since we got 2 bros stay at HG

PP777 said...

hi all,
remember Pudong International Airport hor, also who is loner? me also loner leh,all go kelong leave me alone, haizzzzz

Wasps said...

Roger Roger....

Hougang and AMK then

Thanks for the heads up

Redshadow said...

yong can, come la,, one more no problem,,kekekek

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

ya lor yong.. w/o u no fun

PP777 said...

thanks bros"
now gotta work lah,
very difficult to go away for trips.
anyway wanted to find time go Vietnam.
Vietnam fishing mostly freshwater.

Wasps said...


It's Confirmed...
The pickup location for the kelong is at Hougang Point 6.30am and AMK Mrt Taxi Stand 7.15am.
Please let me know who will be waiting at which station hor so we won't leave anyone behind.
Kam Siah

JessieNCL said...
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JessieNCL said...

I will go HG point..erm....which part of HG point?

Wasps said...

jes jie jie...

haven't told them which part of hougang point coz i not familiar with that place..
maybe one of you guys can let me know
anyway the money i change liao... the rate i got is 2.38