Monday, December 15, 2008

Closure of Pasir Ris Pro Pond?

Extracted from FK Forum..

" Hi, i was at pasir ris event pond last nite(fishing at the office side). i try with fish meat, prawns meat, live prawns and milk fish. only 1 take each on fish meat and live prawns but nvr set hook. i switch to rubber lures with lots and lots of take but only manage to set for 7 fishes(only 4 landed) 2 kim came nearby and the lure flew out, 1 took the lure and i set hook, after a very short fight my leader burst(must be biggie ^^), the 4 fishes are 1 AC ard 800gm, 3 kims ranging from 800gm, 1kg plus and 2 kg plus. i saw the opposite banks hitting small kim with live prawns. i think its all about luck and the fish mood to take what kind or baits/lures. heard from the pro and event pond attendants that pro pond is closing at the end of the mth.Anyone can comfirm that and is any new operator taking over? cus when i ask the attendants they didnt ans my question "

Wonder if its true ...anyone to commend?


PP777 said...

probably it's true.
PRPP cannot make it liao cos even they released fishes the anglers will say it's small,
released bigger fish n the anglers say the quantity is less.
well hopefully the next operator come in and rebuilt the playground again. hmmm PRPP still is an easy pond to fish. simply boh obstacle.

S2 post the cr fpr that night leh

1.5bar said...

After our team disappeared from PRPP, I've been there abt every fortnightly... Still supportin the area. However, been supportin the PREP. Same thing, if u wanna fish, go oni durin the fish release time.

As for the operator issue, been advised that had already been changed.