Monday, December 22, 2008

Lost N Found Tackle Box

Few months ago, i lost my little Tacklebox,
today it was returned,it was kept in the storeroom at FW1,
Most of the items were sill intact except for a roll of FC leader.
The rubber lures which was a gift frm F6 was still there,
yellow tails n the original plain ones,
Maybe it's a sign to start rubber luring again.



Keith Peck said...

CR leh... Got kenna big big ACK and Gao???

PP777 said...

Our catch was so so only,
others all have big acks, n afew gaos up.big kims.
Big is the Theme now at FW1.

Anonymous said...

hmm...big dat must go liaos,last wed nighti went at about 1245am,surprising they release fish at 1am so camp at dragon gate got 4fishes,3x ac n 1 x ak,all about 1kg or so but very good fight,anyways my 4 fishes the best of the night the rest of the fishios nvr kena anything

PP777 said...

Congrats Storm,
night fishing m rainy days at Fw1 very unpredictable,for me i think its slower at night,and also to overcome the mozzie.
got bitten twice during my last trip on my back body.........needless to say it itch terribly n got problem sleeping.
Well the theme now is Big,
So Guys use heavier leader,
so avoid dissapointment.
Tng sua n lark kao are ignorance liao.
thinking of friday morning session.