Tuesday, December 23, 2008

PREP CR 231208

Finally finished my exam today. Had half a day free so decided to try out PREP.

Three months since I did pond fishing, reached there just in time for the 4p.m. fish release. No bite on the office side, one of the uncle asked me to move to the other side and try.

Immediately had a bite and landed a 800gm MJ.... Following that big fish but spilt the hook when fish was near the side.

Third hit, big ACK. My 8lb rod bent to the max.... Stradic 1000 kept scream... Took me quite a while to pull it away from the net and finally landed...

Went back to the same spot.... 10 minutes later fish on.... Even stronger this time round even though I have tighten the drag further after landing the previous fish....zzzzzz.... all the way...

Finally landed after 10 - 15 mins fight. After that all quiet.

Total catch 3 fishes. Two ACK weighs 2.8kg and 3kg respectively. Picture taken against my size 10 slipper....

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