Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nite trip 02/01/09 On Nelayana

When we arived at the RSYC,it was a cool evening with a little sun left so we had coffee and a bite at the coffee house while getting to know each other before boarding the Nelayana.
Got on the boat and we underway shortly after.
Got to our spot and started dropping our lines and scooping sotong which were pretty good sized!

Proceeded to another spot for some major grouper fiashing.
First bite was taken after about an hour or so,strong pull!
Unfortunately our kaki was using light tackle......short fight and the battle was lost!

Rather than wait for another strike,takes forever!
We moved to other spots and Shortly,one of our kakis landed a very good sized Kaci(Sweetlips).
several other species were landed soon after.

Almost everyone got something....except me and maybe one other...:)
But i did get 2 good strikes!

Though the catch was not fantastic,it was respectable!

Most important thing was making of new friendships,worth more than all the fishing!

Wonderful kakis,great time made the trip memorable for all!

Got back in port,we had a great time and will hope to fish together again real soon!

Enjoy the pics....

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