Saturday, January 24, 2009

PRPP 23 Jan 09 Nite

Great turnout. John & Wifey, PP777 and GF, Burp, Simplicitie, Piero, Fishingjojoman and buddy, Factor 6, Wolfblass2003, Excalibur, Xenokel and the Addict.

37 Fishes in all.. not a great score but..... great fun...

Peiro set the yardstick with the big KBL but no one was even near to it. F6, true to form yet again, did 2 ACKs and 1 Gao mama on LUBBER.... as usual....

Cheers guys for the time together yet again.

1 comment:

Redshadow said...

what a waste,,i coudldn't make it cos spring cleaning and painting my bode with my 3 daughter's,,kena until 3 am then sleep,,

good performance and great catch for you guys