Monday, February 2, 2009

Now then i know!!!

Went FW1 today with Bro Ken,
met Bro Redshadow there,
The Fishes are slowly biting,
the Lew Lian uncle got 2 Ang Kuays 1 after another,
another guy came over n fish,
float sink and up came a Kim,
rebait and got kim again.

Ken then had the 1st fish, a fat Angkuay.
i quickly rebait to Live prawns and cast out to the usual spot for Kim,
Goal keeper........wait and strike,fish on,up came a KBL.

Ken then have another float sink,
up came a Taiwan Ngor.

Fish release at 10am,i got an ak n tn,
Redshadow got an Ang Cho Kee.

Then Ken start to have alot of fishes on,
all Kims but CNRBL,(catch n release b4 landing),
Total 6 or 7 at least.

I fished for Kimchios n milkfish.
then Chungfish came support and i rebait to live prawn n jepun.
Cast out and sat down to chitchat,
suddenly my rod bent,
i slowly picked up my rod and gave a light strike,
fish on.....n i passed the rod to CF,
unknowingly it is a big fish,
there onwards,
CF fought with the fish for a solid 10mins+ and passed the rod to me,
i barely fought with it for less than 5mins and i hand the rod back to CF,
we exchanged hands for another time,
before landing the fish,hehehehe i grab the tail of the GT,giant trevally,
quickly release the fish as not to stress the fish further.
As it was a very good fight with it,my rod and reel was simply raped by the fish.

Edwards GT pond, i doubt my stradic 1000 and IMX Gloomis SJ720 can take it.
my reel need servicing liao.

Very tired liao,hope my Hokkien CR can ENT u guys.

Another big cheers for CF.


chung said...

Thanks to your good luck hand that set the hook and generous of you to pass the rod to me to experience a good fight on light set up. The only good fight I have tasted after weeks of unsatisfactory fishing. Beer on me the next meeting. Cheers.

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

finally u kana GT. now u know the feeling of how GTs chiong rite.. nice catch there.
btw got take $100 bo?

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

bro, trust me, yr G lommis might be able to handle the GT at edwards pond, but as for yr 1000 stradics, NO way u can handle. either go back wit a bo gae gear, or bend shaft or.. anything can happen..

PP777 said...

hand v stiff now,
no $100 leh, told Panjang changed time as hrs.

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

arhh.. good, den u can fish for free

sun2000 said...

Long time did not hear of GTs at FW1. Can imagine your arms are stiff and sore after the fight. Heart beat also faster but the satisfaction is priceless. Must try harder this weekend. Chiong Arrrr



PP777 said...

Hi Sun2000,
the fight is good,shiok and tiring.
Wondering how Chungfish felt after the fight,as he was the one fishing the 1st 10 minutes.

Overall did gain the experience of landing a big fish on light tackle.

Btw the Kims are back,just need afew more weeks for the numbers to grow and it is Rubber time again.

chung said...

PP777, of course arm ache but I try to use fulcrum of the forearm for balance else very "siong". Got to thank you again for letting me fight the fish. I got the same sore arms long ago like yours when I fought 3 much smaller GT in FW1. Hehe, hope I can land 1 more in FW1.