Sunday, March 22, 2009

20090320-PRPP-BULL & 'BU'

Factor-Six(12), Wasps(2), PP777(3), Xeno(?) & Ken(?)
Total catch: 19pcs

Jess & Wasps GF

Some GPs jumped for freedom as the keep net are too small to contain all the fishes.

My catch of the night, which my GP weights at 1.67kg (by PP777).

PP777's trophy catch at 4.32kg. Huuuuuuge!!!


chung said...

Outstanding big GP. Must have alot of fun fighting it !!!!Great CR

Angling Addict said...

Oh my GOD! the eye look like pingpong ball!!!

Way to go, my Bros!!!

PP777 said...

The fight was not really good, cause my drag set to quite tight when fishing for Kimchios.

Also i think i got BULL kimchio n the others got the "bu" kimchios, their body colour are whiter n fairer.
Hence add some spice to the CR Title.

chung said...

PP7,fillet the meat for fish porridge. Its good. Did that for my previous big KC. But got to be very thin slice. Lightly cooked. Yummy

Fishingjojoman said...

ha ha power la ... must have been dam good !

PP777 said...

About to ask the team for dinner again.
Cook porridge abit sayang leh,bro cf, we use it to do some creative new Kimchios dish, then our kakis can have more variety of choices.

I vote dinner with Bull KC deep fried in thai sweet chilli sauce n my special belachan to go with.

Hey guys,
can do 2 tables,who is on?

Redshadow said...

ok for me,, rmember we've also fish head(angkuay)

garandbutt said...

yong u photoshop edit tat GP rite!!
hahah kidding, first time i saw so
big GP lolss.

PP777 said...

me too 1st time see the kimchios this size,Previous CNY period we had a few big size kimchios frm PRPP.all abt 2kgs+

photo edit isit?
i still haven't learn it yet.