Saturday, March 7, 2009


"Ring, ring, wake up, wake up," my inner tiny transmitter alarm sent shock pulses to my dazed brain. "Time for fishing, time for tiao hur". Ok la,ok la a bit tired but still dragged my set of lazy bones out of bed. Looked at the wall clock, wa lau only 5:05am!!!. Silently crept away to put out fire as do not want to wake up CO else got to stay home.Stealthtily packed all the barang barang and slid out of house.
Wow, the early morning wiff of fresh air welcomed me. Ah!!!, what a good day for fishing. (actually, everyday is good for fishing). Maybe can continue my "Hokkien Chestnut" today??? Mai tu liao, drove my micro car to Pasir Ris for my coffee fix and picked up some baits. Kembong was real fresh. Should be good right?

Reached FW1 and still pitch dark. Hehe, only 2 fishos and they are packing up. Wa, again pao di, ho say liao. Panjang just arrived and quickly bought some live prawns.

Fixed up 2 live prawns and walked towards the net. Erm, my favorite red kwey should be awake isn't it? Wa, very dark le! How to cast ar? Don't want to surf the net so early le! ok la ok la, just throw near near, 2nd pole 2nd pole. "plonk"!, prawns landed in water and started swimming. 3 seconds and float sinked!! Wa wa, solid ah! Tighten line a little and shoot!!! Tiao hur liao! Unknown dashed out of net!! Wa lau, Red k dont swim out one leh, wa lau shake head shake head one! Good morning Sir, Reporting sir!!My convict affiliate greeted me ! Ok la, still fish what, some more first cast!! Brought my convict friend Bian to the basket. Now, better stay away from net bian. Otherwise m0rning call again.

Hello!! last Wednesday method may work u know. Quickly peeled 3 prawns and tamba 2 big live prawns on the hook. Think "chee mee" also can see right? "Tomb" and aimed toward triangle. Ok park there while have a sip of piping gourmet hot kopi siew tai. Enjoyed a bit of the bird singing . Wa relax relax only!!

Eh! eh..... eh , where is my float? float? Mmm... cannot be... right??? So chun is it? Took my IMX 6ft/ss1300 out from rod holder. Steady bro, steady, mai kan chiong. Reel in abit bit... got tension, reel a little more and ...and ....and, thump, thump, x3 !! wa my heart beating, not the fish. Shoot ah!!! Ting Ting Ting X3. Big fish!!! Big one!!! Alamak, fish head gostan into hole,"bring rod up and "tong tiao", lock drag no worry, 20lbs power pro. "Zing" Zing".... Ok Ok fish head turn, retrieve line and splash!!!!!. Wow, can see the gao tail !!! Raised the rod and pulled, pulled, splash!!! Ok, Ok, ...gao K.O K.O liao! Pulled the fish unto side! Eh how come no one come help ar??? Look around , no one! Oh Panjang went to open pump. Steady, steady take plier from pouch and squat down to grip. A bit dark and karang kabot. "Whump"! idiot gao gave one small whip of tail and "piak"!!!Oh no, oh no!!!! my early gao!!!#@$%*@#! Bloodly line entangled the rod tip and broke! Why no one help ar????#@$%*@#!

What the !!!!! Must it start and end like this??? With a heavy heart, re-rigged and set up new bait. Shit! Looks like no Hokkien Chestnut today. 难道only阿遍mia? Never mind, try again, maybe got every Saturday and not Sunday.??? Right???

Now, better up the ante. 2 live prawn, 2 dead prawn, + 1 slice of sashimi grade kembong. "Plonk" and into the centre of triangle. Bro, take a break, have a kit kat. Er sorry, I mean have some coffee. Sip my sour grape coffee and listen to all the idiotic noise from the birds. 2 fisho came . Alamak, spoil the "noisy" serenity. Check who the fisho from afar and check float. Check ,...check...float!!! Eh wheres my float!! Really every Saturday???? Lifted the rod slowly. This time, slowly.....Tension abit, tension abit,....wa eh got tension. Definitely not kwey. Got tension but not moving. Sui liao,sui liao,, Ok slow ar slow ar, ban ban lai tension ... tension... shoot... shoot. Ok fish on. whump .... and fish chiong into kang... heng ar., already lock drag. Tong, lun and pulled, tong, lun, pulled. Eh hello, remember round 1? Gao 1 u zero!!!! ok ok!! Walk gostan, pulled, walk gostan to sandbank, pulled. reaching liao .. reaching... pulled.... Whoosh .OK. GAO 1.. CF 1. Harzzzz.... Eh actually hor... the bird singing quite nice you know?.. The serenity with other fishso around also not too bad.....Ok... Can relax liao. Time by Raymond Weil its 7:28am.

...Total for 1 session, 4tw,3k,1Gao(7.1)

Ermmm sorry for the chiong heh post ar... will rest here. Need to go to bed.


Redshadow said...

Thats a nice big gao,,patients win your day catch
Nice write-up on your cr,,

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

very nice gao u got again bro..
kns la.. at first, bird sing so nice, coffee smell so nice, den lata,miss a gao.. everything turnd bad.. haha
bird so noisy, n coffee bcom sour.. haha.. but heng u got another 1..

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

btw bro, wads "Hokkien Chestnut" means?

Angling Addict said...


Hokkien Chestnut = Gao Lark = Gao Luck = luck with Groupers (gaos)...


Bro Chung,

Thansk so very much for yet another entertaining CR!!! Keep them rolling, PLEASSSEEEE!!!

chung said...

Thanks all. Really chestnut. Only hope chestnut visit every now and then.Hehe.. Will try my best if got something interesting.

Keith Peck said...

What hook u using? Can hook so many baits.

chung said...

Piero, big toman hook. HooK only last section of tail in a string. Learned from another regular there. Idea is to saturate bait else single prawn no match for live fish. If got big live milkfish better. Think it is to attract fish attention. But note bait stealers like AK, ACK,MJ that will take only 1 or 2 prawns. Good luck in yr gao hunting. Nearly 30+ pieces poured in every week.

kenlemieux said...

Must wish u happy GAO year again..confirm next trip kanna Gao again =) Thomas aka GaoHUnter

chung said...

ken, i also wish you gao year. just happen that i target them the last 2 trip. Maybe u should also give it a shot. To me, its 99.99% luck as many were aiming them today and several regular gao kings fishos were present.