Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Raining Gao

Went to fw1 to cure itch after seeing PP777 nice ang gao. Aimed for 2 session as wolf would be coming for 2nd session. Day started at fw1 0800H as got to be chauffer in the morning. Wow I was the only one with Panjang and tot, this should be my day as whole pond to myself. Quickly set up and "chiong" to the net and first cast using live prawns. "tomb" onto the water and "goalkeeper". The adrenalin rush was great and quickly set hook. fish on. Eh eh eh how come fish head shaking and shaking trying to throw hook.

Oh no!!!!!! Must be Ah bian trying to throw hook. Just reel it in and true enough, my "favorite" ah bian answered my first ring. OK la, still fish what.

5 more fishos started to stream in and my solitary ambience was broken.

Continued my conquest and by 945, landed a total of 5 of my good friend ah bian. Strangely, ang chicken was no where to be found except in inlet area. Total 2 AK up by then.

Fish released at 1000H and used my "tiao keng' from market. Haiz!!!Got a big fat egg till 12pm as my fish meat was dubious in the sashimi rating. Ah, lets wait for wolf and maybe my luck will turn better. Fish truck came and the usual fish was put in keep nets. About 10pieces of 6to7kg gao were released directly.

Wolf came at 2pm and in the meantime, I continued my search for AK and ACK and any other K but no K came knocking despite all the various baits used. Where are all the K. No longer dared to look for ah bian at net area. Fish released at 3pm and used super smelly left over prawns exposed to sun and hope that some chicken will look for me. Net released and aimed towards it. "tomb", "tick, tick", must be "kwey" already. Fish on!!!! eh eh !!!! shake head shake head!!! oh no another bian. My affliliation with this convict cannot be separated!!!!!

Shit try another smelly prawn. "tick, tick"" eh eh !!! coming towards me!!! shoot and fish on. eh eh red color red color!!!! "sui ah sui ah, finally my first red!!!.

Rain started to pour and quickly went into shelter. Since in shelter, put 2 big NTUC prawns brought by Wolf, partially remove shell and head and park at traingle. Park near wolf and rain poured heavily. Eh eh my float sinked!!!! Must be Red liao! Bang and shoot my ss700/IMX5ft6-10,power pro10lbs combo. "ling ling ling" x 3. Wa lau big cho. Tighten drag... eh not too much leh, 10lbs only!!!! Wa still "ting ting ting"x3, fish heading into triangle hole!! Gao liao, gao liao, thumb spool and pulled. Gao surfaced!!! Quick locked drag never mind 10lbs liao. pulled the burger and pulled.. Heng ah, pulled unto the sand bank! Wa heng ah nice gao!!!

Thank the rain and wolf's luck.

Total 7 good bian friend, 2 AK and 1 gao(6.5kg)

Wa such a long report. Must be my longest post in writing. Can pass my composition writing already. Only if can write my company report in this manner .

Left at 6pm while wolf continued his hunt for the elusive gao. Hehehe will try to write again!


sun2000 said...

Marathon session. Great catch and nice Gao too. Wondering what bait to use for Gaos. Seems like only live fish works? So many Gaos landed recently.
Anyways good catch and CR too


kenlemieux said...

nice write up thomas. Happy Gao Year to u =)))

Angling Addict said...


What a CR, reading it, makes me feel like I actually there! Good Show and even greater show for a solliddo CR! Thanks so much and the ponds seem to be good, so CHIONG AH!!!!

PP777 said...

That will ease your itch for awhile.
Nice Gao and interesting CR!

chung said...

Sun2K Bro, its great once a while for marathon especially those less than desirable weekends outcome in fw1 where we met. Gaos normally take bigger milkfish/tilapia but a bunch of dead prawns on a single hook on float works too. Plenty of gao in there but a little luck is needed. I normally target all the Ks.

AA and Ken, thanks and the 6th factor was shining through the rain that precipitated in the gao taking 2 dead prawns.

So AA, you should come back soon to relieve the gao itch. Hehe.

Will do another post if a sunny gao is landed.