Monday, March 30, 2009

WTS - 5x2x2.5 tank set + aro

Selling everything for $2800 neg.
Due to moving house soon + a new born baby.
Unwilling to give up and hope someone can take over.
Only for Serious Buyers..

G1 Purple chilli red
- from P.T. Wajok Intilestari
- Length is 1 ft.
- 1yr + old
- zero defects (Healthy)

5x2x2.5 ft tank
- 12mm thickness glass (japan)
- full braced top & base
- top quality silicon used
- 4 sides black Oyama sticker

3x1.5x1.5 ft sump tank
- 5mm thickness glass
- 4 compartments
- including all media & 1 powerful Eheim water pump

5x2x2.5 ft Stainless steel stand
- machine polished 1.5 sq inch tube
- designed to support 5 footer
- 3mm aluminium doors & sides with powder coating black paint (scratch proof paint)

Top cover (wood)
- with 3 dc fans installed (prevent water vapour build up inside & provide more oxygen going in)

I will be giving away Ph meter, Orp meter, Hi blow10 air pump, 2 sets jebo 5ft 2x40W aquarium lights & lots more..
What you see is what you get!
And also to mention only use one 3pin plug can power up the whole tank. No more messy wires outside. All items used less than a year.
Everything is well maintained.
My loss is your gain.


Angling Addict said...

Damn solid looking fish.

My question is!!! XENO???? is this a post on behalf of someone??? baby???? ah??? Bukan Kamu ya???

Marlinz said...

Bro xeno, nice Red with nice finnage n fan tail, i think it have plj..

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

yup co.. its on the behalf of my brother.. b4 the baby is born, his heart is 100% on the fish.. (fanatic) but now, due to new baby is born, and got 2 elderly to look after.( his mum is sick, problem on walking) tats y now 100% concentration on them..

and dennis, yes.. it has PLJ now.. btw thx on the behalf. go n read up in my reply n u know wad happen.