Monday, April 13, 2009

Land of the fish and rising sun

Made a small trip and had the opportunity to see some funny fish,yummy "hums", see Y8000,000 yellow fins and try some deliciously dangerous glasslike sashimi, bloody moby dick meat. Note how fish are bled by professionals and the array of tools. Some tackle pics as well and guys going can pm me for more info on tackle shops. Added a small video on tuna cutting. real pro and look at the length of the samurai sword!!!


PP777 said...

nice pics
simi is the glasslike sashimi,
moby dick?
dun understand leh, pardon me.
but it really look DELICIOUS !!!!!
dangerous??? I doubt.......INDIAN ROJAK is the thing to skip now. that kind of glaslike or grasslike at least a few plates down.hehehehehe
welcome back home.

chung said...

PP, glasslike is pic with black plate of fugu-aka blow fish. Yummy and nice. Moby dick is whale meat, really bloody but not bad tasting.

Redshadow said...

cf,,nice video of them cutting the moby,,interesting,,and all the shashimi,,look fantastic food for the table,,

Thanks for sharing your japan trip