Monday, April 20, 2009

Very Short Trip Back


Am making a very short trip back this week.

Arrive Thursday nite (Supper,Chicken Rice) On waitlist, if can fly back earlier flight, nite session PRPP.

Friday nite PRPP??? (Lunch Zhu Zha Tang, Dinner Chicken Rice, Supper Mee Goreng - All not Geylang one)

Saturday fly to Sydney (Lunch Chicken Rice)

Back Thursday 30 Apr Nite (Supper Chicken Rice)

Friday Family Day (Lunch Chicken Rice)

Saturday Back to Shanghai. (Lunch Zhu Zha Tang, Dinner Chicken Rice)

Standby for Friday 24 Apr 09 - PRPP/TACP or whatever it is called now??? Any takers?


Keith Peck said...

Err... How come so many chicken rice meals?

Redshadow said...

ok count me in lor,,

sure or not you're coming back,,or you're making everybody kancheong,,kekekek

AA waiting for your return from shanghai,,,


Angling Addict said...

RS, confirmed liao.


Bec China dun have good chicken rice and i miss that the most

PP777 said...

Friday ON ON ON


PP777 said...

Huh .....
how about Curry chicken mee at Hock Hai???
don't have to eat rice all the way mah!!!

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

wah bro.. y muz br this weekend.. sobsob. me on vegetarian.. and bz tis whole weekend.. btw do enjoy yrslf back to town..