Monday, May 18, 2009


Day 1 - 20090516

Line up of Addicts (from Left to Right):
PP777, Xeno, Jess

Burp & Factor-Six

First action by Jess, double hook-ups of Gaos - lots of them. Which she was named as the Queen of Gaos of Team AA.
(BTW she is the one and only BU(female) in team AA of which I know so far)

Then Xeno lead with a nice good fighting Chermin, which boosted our moral.

And again, Xeno need to see his face into the mirrow. Which make us ponder why mirrow only choses him.

Over all day one was @#@&^$^#$#(*&)(*^%^$%#$@@#$*&^%& Or Bak Kak day!
Our boatman was not handsome enough and current is not moving.

Day 2 - 20090517

Day 2 was better with our master guide Ah Liang.

Started off with jess landing a baby Tengirri, me losing a nice size Tengirri while landing and Xeno with a hook being stolen.

Change a spot and we hit a small school of Dorado.

Jess happily landed the first fish.

Then PP777 landed the second.

And me the third.

Our boatman cum SiFu.

And the last of the day was a visit by a big Todak.

Overall our catch for Day 2 was much better, apart from the above catches, we still managed to land about 50pcs of nice size AngGoLi and about 10pcs of good size Sotong. Not forgetting those misses.

Well, everything maybe bad, but at least we enjoy our dinner at the chalet's restaurant


Redshadow said...

no doubt the catch rate wasn't that bad,,its seems you guys enjoy the whole trip

PP777 said...

Its those typical day of the month when the anglers can do nothing,not to mention the boatman's efforts.
Har Cheong Kai is the best on land.
N the best on boat would be the green eyed squids sashimi.

Also our dinner neighbour spare us a plate of the Cobia sashimi,
thank you so much, it's nice n it taste abit like swordfish.

thanks Bro F6 for organising the trip n driving to & fro.

Keith Peck said...

Can share what u all used to land those dorado?

Keith Peck said...

And also rig used for tenggiri? Me going sedili on Friday. Any help appreciated. Thx thx

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

yeah.. really thx Bro F6 for the effort to drive us thru n fro.. its really tired and need alot of 精神..
too bad, we cun get enuff bak tao, cos all of us busy aiming other fishes..
i really misses alot of bigger bites, hai... BUT.... BUT will be back to revenge 1 of those days..

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...
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Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

bro, after i pass the baton to jess aft fighting halfway for the dorado, i went to take the camera.. remember??? i took some video cam too... post it..

PP777 said...

i missed the the squids,i had also cleaned n freezed my squids.

also my ang kuey i had decided to do sashimi,await my eat report.

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

hahaha.. my dad say he almost spend 6hrs to tai all the hee..

PP777 said...

that is why i say freezed them 1st,when wanna eat then defrost them,they are easier to descale.

Factor-Six said...

I've tried posting the video, but it is taking too long for uploading. Something must be wrong. Anyway, I've already burn each of you a CD which will pass it to you the next time we meet. Maybe you can try to post the video. CHEERS!!!

Factor-Six said...

Well, I do enjoy the drive up.
Thank you for the TCSS session all the way thru and flow, there is definely no time to sleep while driving with you guys on board. Special thanks to Jess who is keeping the car on ground all the time. ha ha... just kidding. : )

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

zz. no ned burn lar, aiyo.. juz pass 1 disc around can liao. btw, yr duty is to be our ahmad mah.. and our duties it to make u awake mah .. wahahaahaha

wolfblass2003 said...

well done guys! too bad i can't join.... see u guys at the next makan/ponding session!