Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CR @ mersing 3

early in the morning, we went mersing market n get prawn meat, sotong n 100 live prawn. once onboard, we went straight to parrot spot . (whole trip only aim for parrot. ) but to surprise, 2 red red fish got hook up. whole day, only manage to hook up few of them. CR not that good.
i got a few misses, and snap on 50lb leader. den change to 100lb, no bite liao. btw, no green bak n selar.. nvr got o unjang for smaller fishes.
in the middle of the nite, ard 2+ to 3++ am, when current turns real big aft a heavy rain, barracuda n terrgirri start to bite..
my whole live sotong got rape but miss on hook.. haii.. really no luck on my side..

total CR : ard 13 parrot 1-2kg
2 ang gao 2kg+
4 -5 barracuda 3-4kg
1 tengirri 7-8KG
few small gao less den 1kg

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