Friday, July 3, 2009

Tide table for Horsburgh Lighthouse

July 2009

Fri 24 5:56 AM SGT / -0.11 m 1:09 PM SGT / 2.26 m 6:26 PM SGT / 1.01 m 7:03 AM SGT 7:14 PM SGT
Sat 25 12:06 AM SGT / 2.21 m 6:45 AM SGT /
0.03 m 1:42 PM SGT / 2.22 m 7:09 PM SGT
/ 0.86 m 7:03 AM SGT 7:14 PM SGT
Sun 26 1:04 AM SGT / 2.24 m 7:31 AM SGT / 0.24 m 2:13 PM SGT / 2.17 m 7:53 PM SGT / 0.73 m 7:03 AM SGT 7:14 PM SGT

the dates are for our trip,
it seem like we will be having ideal strong currents during saturday afternoon.

Or you can view the table @


Keith Peck said...

From my experience, these tide tables are not that reliable at Horsburgh recently. My last trip around 3 weeks ago. Supposed to be gentle current, I ended up using size 18 sinker still fly kite. The rest of my kakis did not even fish the whole morning cos their rods cannot tahan size 18 sinkers, I was the only one fighting the sinker. I checked with a few kakis on my regular tackle shop visits and they experienced similiar situation. These days, offshore fishing has to depend a lot on luck.

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

guys.. prepare to use size 20 n above for this HB trip.. pls prepare BIGGER N MORE sinker.

PP777 said...

huh..... Size 20, then i can go there fly Kite liao.
Balloon Balloon lor.

Strong current then it's Sashimi Time,if not go Koonzzzz


Keith Peck said...

PP bring 100lbs handline during strong current. Tie apollo with long snood. Strong current may get big fish!

PP777 said...

thanks Piero,

Wow! strong current i think i go rest,eat drink n makan,then when curent is good i can play mah..... hahaha my target is simple....
i wanna eat sashimi onboard.
bring a bottle of sake n chilled it.
hmmmm..... this time i still have to cut and prepare by myself again.

Chermin,Golden Snapper n Squids.

Dog_Lover1976 said...

Whose boat you going with ?