Monday, August 31, 2009

Fishing Affairs Newsletter - August 2009(Rev 2)

Mission for White Dolphin on October 09.

Attention to all Specialist out there!!!

There will be a Special mission for White Dolphin for the month of October 09. We will be heading out to Indonesia water, we require 9 Specialist for this mission.

Full board, Ammunition(Baits) will be provide to all Specialist on board.

Mission Date :- 2nd October 09 to 4th October 09.
Target(Enemy):-Golden Snapper,Red Snapper,Grouper,Tusk Fish,Coral Trout.
Weapons :- Heavy Gear set up.(Self Equiped)
Mission Fees :- SGD 290

All Specialist Kindly report to Mission Leader at 81333737.(For Reservation)

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