Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Re- Christmas Day Fishing

Christmas Day
Charges: $100

1st prize : $500 or $600.
depending on rods.

2nd prize : $200+reel (model????)

3rd prize : he mentioned i forget liao.

Poured in alot of fishes.
Big KBLs alot.
Tmrw will pour in Big Sakais.
The base fishes had been topped up.
Estimated ard $8000+ of fishes on Xmas day.

Afternoon Kio Liu Lian Session same price $50/5hr.

Hmmm..... guys gotta bring own net for storage of fishes.
All the Baskets are removed for better fishing area.

I on liao.
Ogie on too.

Wasps n Kenlemieux come luring...... sure fun.
FYI steve71 used squidgies there and yield an very high catch rate.

Last time AA team get 28 n 32 tkts nos.
phew!!! toto came out 3 times.
congrats to Xenokel .......
hot kopi on him hehehe

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