Monday, March 15, 2010

Something apart from fishing

As usual...the Zero fighter will present to you something out of the usual fishing equipment..

i am not good at photography and a lot of them have exquisite details so i cant really photograph them down


Just for clarification purposes,i am not encouraging violence in any ways,basically collecting swords is just like collecting any other things like reels or watches or even akin to collecting swatch watches,as each and every sword is different even though they are the same model due to the forging process.

swords even though if they are mass produced by factories for some movie replicas are also different in the forging process and hence even if you take 2 same movie replica and try to swap their sheathe,you will find that they will not fit and that is one of the reasons why i started collecting them.

why i started collecting them,is about the same reason why i started collecting different type of reels,

different type of materials used.
some blades are made from a combination of steels known as damascus folding

different designs most of the designs on the scabbard is hand painted like the dragonfly motiv you see in one of the pics..

as well as the hand guard,the hand guard actually tells the story of the origin/naming of the sword,sometimes tru the handguard you will know the status of the sword owner(back in olden times)

and sometimes tru the sword itself you will know the status of the sword owner.

different place of origin...ya (japan is not the only country that makes katanas)

last but not least its an investment tool as well,a lot of limited editions ones especially the movie replicas after a few years price shoot up like nobody's business for a well maintained piece


Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

wow nice.. next time got pia jui, sure find u for weapon..

Wasps said...

nice range of daggers and swords man... perfect for cutting Kembong meat..
I think you have the KA Bar from US Marine right?
I have one myself also but not with the hard case like yours.. mine is the older series with the leather pouch

Anonymous said...

cannot lah..all these are collector pieces..need licence one leh

wasp..yah mine is the new edition of the usmc standard issue kabar...i had an old one like yours in leather sheathe but gave it to my friend already....

anyways just for the information,all these can be bought at licensed retail shops.

its just that owning them need license and must be above 18yo or 21yo to own it if i am not wrong.
this is just a collection like anything else,i hope nobody gets the wrong idea about it.

if need be just take it down. ;-)

actually collecting of swords is like collecting reels.

tons of knowledge to acquire,from maintainenance to sheathing/unsheathing,assembly and disassembly,materials,place of origin,design on scabbard and hand guard.

PP777 said...

Very nice collection!!

next time we go see Baby John then go see them too.

Anonymous said...

no need see baby john can come and see cos i dun keep them at home,when u see the total number of swords i have u will know why i dun keep them at home,they stay in a secured storage area,u want just tell me i bring u guys go see