Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday blues

Monday evening 6.30pm
smsed AA see if he is going to revenge for sat night's bad catch he said yes and we met at PRPP at about 2100hrs

After trying for about 10min on golden promfret rig at the area where they got some golden promfret on sat night where there was no take,i switch to float with a 4ft leader as i remembered on sat one uncle kept on hitting fish on long leader and casted to the area where the uncle casted.

AA was besides me on float as usual going for the big gao

Two min,no movement so i went to get coffee

While on the way i saw AA reeling in one fish and was struggling with it cos it was my rig that got the fish and i am right hand reeling person.

Upon landing saw that it was a foul hook but nonetheless was still an opening for the night

A while later AA landed a fish

and i got my rod bend and half way tru fighting the line went dead,thought was a sneeze by the fish but upon retreiving found out that it was the leader that broke(the 15lb leader)

and it was quiet again till fish releasing time

both us went over to near the releasing point and we got about 3 fishes there

after that all quiet down until some brother got a fairly big gao near the crocodile area and AA landed one or two more while i had a few rod bends but nvr managed to get them in,AA also had a few near strikes.

Soon the brother who got the gao packed up and left and AA observing that they had landed a few fishes at that area,moved there and waited

He landed a jack about 200-300g there and i got one there and a few misses

just while we were about to pack up,AA landed one more,

Biggest of the night is a KBL weighing about 2.5kg

overall we had 10 fishes and it was considered quite a good night for 2 lonely Team AA fighters (comprising of one from the zero fighter league hehehe)

Anyways AA got his fishes on live prawns and i got mine on har lok with long leader

We also made friends with Bro Syafiq tonite. It was nice fishing together. Basically from 2am onwards, it was just Syafiq, Storm and AA on our usual side!!! Dun think there was any pic taken cos both of us were wet from the splashes of the last fish,so just kinda eager to go home....

Got lah!1 Got Pics..... 9 fishes as number 10 was presented to Bro Syafiq as I lost his jack while trying to 123 it.

Also, see the fabulous home aquarium MJ - so bloody cute - smaller than my slipper!!!


PP777 said...

Good catch!!!

when the kimchios are around,we will find them.
but seem like their release are limited nowadays.

The leader i am using for PRPP & FW1 is dupont 25lbs.
Have no problems with kimchios apollo & normal split-shot single hook rigs.

But if going near the crocs & netting area,the Pros at PRPP are using 50lbs aiming for Gaos & big Acks.

Angling Addict said...


The few Kim Chios that we saw landed are pretty good sized. close to 1KG each! But you know the addict is also a MASTERBAIToR lor.... so stick to styrofaom. In fact, last nite ran out of my "custom-made floats" !

Boys and Girls - the Kim CHios are calling!

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

aiyo.. u guys nvr say , i was at burp house yesterday nite, drinking n tcss. if not, can go support.

Angling Addict said...


did not want to stress the gang out from overfishing, otherwise jialat and worse still AA get all the blame.... so quietly, Storm and I went to try our luck...