Saturday, March 6, 2010

Noobie thoughts

after this round of fishing with AA's return,it actually kind of spark off a new wave of fire of fishing in me again,
though i may have a lot of set of equipment,last count was a bout 20 spinning rods and about 40 spinning reels but i realise that i am still very very noob in fishing,especially with the technical terms like 10/6 and whatever there is,i am actually quite blur at what you guys were saying.
thats the reason why am i still hovering in the range of mid and low range spinning reels up till now,though i would love the cladias and the stellas and what have you(its easy just go to the shop and buy i know),but than i find that its like giving a high end ball to a noob bowler or rather putting a "p" plate driver behind the wheels of a ferrari.

i guess i just know mid action rods,light action rods and the sizes of the diff spinning reels like 500,100,2000 etc.....
in fact i just learnt from master yong that some of the hooks i bought (the long shanks ones) are mainly used for sea fishing and i am using them in ponds lol.

and yesterday while seeing tom in action with his black molly with bright red eyes lure,it kinda rain upon me that i should be versatile in fishing,

so any kind soul care to enlighten a noob in fishing on luring?

is there any special set up needed?
or just any other normal spinning set up for pond fishing will do?

anyways i must stress that i really have tons of fun whenever i fish with u guys be it if i am a zero fighter that night or if someone else is fishing with my set up,i learn a lot even though i am just sitting there watching u guys fish....

just a big thank u for all of u for the great company and knowledge learnt
and i would certainly love to learn more from you guys


PP777 said...

a light set-up would be ideal for pond luring, a 6ft rod, 4-8lbs or 6-10lbs rod,
paired it with a size 1000 or ss700 reel with 10lbs braided line.
small 8kgs swivel n 1/40z lure will do.
Lure can use Panther Martin lures or what Wasps is using,Squidgies.

will tell u more when meet up.

PP777 said...

that can handle 8kgs weight.
Lure,there are many types,i learnt it from Burp n F6,and maybe will need to learn from Wasps how to lure with squidgies as he is doing well.

Panther Martin Lures avalable at Sabre Tackles.yesterday Burp using PM 1/4 oz size lure.
Many colours available.

Squidgies, Wasps got Lobangs.

PP777 said...

as for Luring,
likely a mid-higher range set of reel n rod is needed,
as the hands n body are doing the numerous casts.high end reel n rod are lighter in weight.thus you wont feel the stress n strain.

Also the maximum drag of the reel around 3kgs or more.

some rods are strong with greater poundage,but they are heavy.

Shock leader are nedded n also certain knots you will need to know how to tie eg.rapala knot.

PP777 said...

After you get started then you will feel your rubber lure swimming as you reel in the line.
Then the tremor of the lure by the fish grabbing your lure.
And you hooked to luring.

Vy hard to explain the feelings when fish takes the lure,especally a big one.
Even more difficult if it's a fouled hooked ones.

Anonymous said...

see,master yong is master yong,so many constructive input...
thank u bery much,i go see if i can read up more...think i might have the equipment for the tackle set up,need to look around,now is just the lure part only hehehe..must learn more,so as not to be deckie all the time wakakakakaka

Anonymous said...

wasps: yo storm, just an advice from a noob.. get a rod around 6ft. reel not exceeding 2k if you wanna lure.. rod lbs under 10lbs if not it may be too stiff for luring...

wasps: the biggest diff between a lurer and masterbaitor is hard work... in luring, you go look for fish, baiting means waiting for fish.. both methods are effective

wasps: but the adrenaline rush u get when u hit a fish during luring is amazing... also u need to get light lbs braided line perferably under 10lbs.. heavier the line, harder to cast...

wasps: if $$ is not an issue, i would suggest you get a biomaster or the new stradic that F6 is using... lastly, for luring, dun get a rod with too long a handle.. hard to handle.. have fun....

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

bro, we never be able to learn all about fishing, we learn as we fish, even for me, sometimes when i don't fish, i go down and support, and be deckie.. when i fish , i oso be deckie..
er... for deckie wise.. deckie got rank de okie... the more u unhook, the more experience u got into handling the fish, and technic to unhook.. (just like u play game, the more u play, more level u got)..
1 thing in out grp, i belive.. no 1 can handle char bee hoon better den me... kekekek

Angling Addict said...

well said bro xeno. and regarding the last comment.... char bee hoon... salute salute salute salute salute.... i have to agree 100%

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

haha. thx for support. kekeke.