Thursday, March 18, 2010

PRPP 17 Mar '10 Prelim CR

Mission by : Jes an(d) A.S.S.

Jeskel, Addict, Storm, Syafiq supported by PP777, Burp, Xeno

Very tired.... pics first, will revise later after a nap as havent got any sleep yet...

Ladies nite again - Jeskel scoring the most.

Syafiq hit the 2.9kg/3.0kg mama ang koay.... super shiok

Storm scores improving with every trip, new concept with red leader and red hooks.... seemed to work well. Numerous misses as well. School of sniper motto = one shot one kill, School of Storm = one cast one hit, (then if landed, change the rig....)

The Addict - masterbait-ing din seem to work last night


Anonymous said...


yeah man colour leader i like em...

actually i duno true or not cos i read from d.a.m webby they say red is the 1st colour to disappear in certain depth so buy already try lor,who knows "gong3 gong3 puah4 tee1 kong1" kena a few fishes,best of all leader very cheap "puay4 kak3" niah

Anonymous said...

dun forget jes' secret bait also work leh

Syafiq89 said... was a quite night yet a fun one..Thanks to team AA for the wonderful time.. and to PP777 and Storm, thanks for the drinks..And thanks again to PP777 for the tips..Will be looking foward for more.. not forgetting Jes for the secret bait ;)

Kembong is the way to go!