Thursday, March 25, 2010

PRPP 24 Mar '10 nite

Mission by A.S.S.

Addict, Storm, Syafiq. Supported by PP777, Burp, Factor 6, Xenokel, Chim Chim and Jeskel.

9pm... TONG! TONG! No it was not "Tiam You" (tian you) time but rather it was fish release!

Kembongs on! Event pond, second last net... go! go! go! Happy hour was on but did not last the 60 mins.

Perhaps due to the heavy downpour earlier, the action seemed slower tonight.

Premier event of the nite was seeing a nice gao landed yet again by a fellow angler. This time, it was at the surecatch side. Exceeding 3kg of prime gao!!

Main event was Syafiq, persisting in rubber lures after seeing F6 the nite before. He landed a nice MJ on yellow Berkeley Gulp and had 2 or 3 other misses. First fish in his life on rubber.... something that the Addict has never done in his life!!! Congrats bro Syafiq..... no more "virgin to rubber".

Masterbaiting failed horribly last nite. Parking cou-BONG landed one last MJ for the Addict.

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