Saturday, March 27, 2010

PRPP Paaaarrrrtttttyyyyy Time! 26 Mar '10 Nite

This is a very difficult CR to write as it was really difficult to recall everything. a lot of fishes are jumbo sizes.

Mission by :

PP777, Jeskel, Xenokel, Syafiq, Storm, Burp, Factor 6, Wasps (at PRMP) and The Addict. We were joined by Grandmasters Tony and William.

Total of course was 6 + 1 rod at PRMP.

Wasps, true to style, captured 3 KBLs.

At PRPP..... I have to let the pictures do the talking...

Notable events....

1) Syafiq - a) Gao mission accomplished.
b) Big Tanda Mission accomplished

2) Jeskel - bonus Gao 3.2kg est, plus champion of the nite. ALL THESE DESPITE THE CURSE FROM WASPS. (Correct or not, Jes??)

3) Grandmaster Tony - Gao 3.5kg est (nothing unusual) and big Tanda 3.6kg

4) PP777 and Burp - Kim Chio tamers both kena bulldozers to the net

5) The Addict - jialat king (only 2 pieces of slipper-size Michaels)

6) Xeno - largest Ang Kuey of the nite 3.1kg

7) Storm - personal largest Tanda since joining Team AA

Plus countless misses and O-samas. Inter-net connection was also pretty strong with many good sized fishes returning to their base camp (the net)after their ambush mission.

Final score :
(conservative and yet to be verified)

1 KBL 2kg
3 gao total 6.5kg
3 big tanda total 9kg
3 smaller tanda 3kg
4 Taiwan 5kg
5 ak 13 kg
5 mj 4kg
6 small kbl 4kg
7 kim chio 4.5kg

est total 51 kg


Anonymous said...

hahahaha...really pics say a thousand words

as usual the 1 rig 1 fish theory worked for me today except the 3rd rig no fish hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

u forgot factor 6 got his lucky kim ...

Syafiq89 said...

first and formost, i would like to thank team AA for welcoming me to the team.. Such a wonderful bunch of fishos..very helpful,informative,full of energy,happy and most importantly one of the funniest fishing team i ever seen.. thanks alot to especially AA and PP777 for all the advice.. and also all other members for the fun,drinks,ciggerates,baits and food.. i appriciate is alot.. no words can describe leow.. haha.. and to AA, hope we will see you again real soon!.. have a safe trip bro.. and take care always!


Angling Addict said...

Well bros and sista.... the reason why the CR came out so fast... this is what being part of a Team is about. I can feel the excitment throughtout the session and even as we reluctantly ended the session. I KNOW that a fe of us are looking forward to the CR so, battling my eyelids, I still wanted to get it out first. It is not easy being in a Team, but this is what it is all about, caring and sharing. As I am about to leave for Shanghai with a heavy heart, I urge the Team to continue the sessions of fun and togetherness and be proud to show it in the blog so that the Addict can drool on these when he is "lonely" (fishing-wise) in Shanghai.

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

hello syafiq.. don mention that, cos we always talk cork while fishing..
we are glad that u are use to our group, just like i said b4, we are noisy.. making a lot of unnecessary laughter.. BUT.. BUT we got no chioce.. cos.. cos.. we are kinda bunch of jokers, who can take jokes, and oso kanna joke by others.. just hope that u can click with our pattern.. but 1 thing, u don like bro wasps.. he too noisy. WAHAHAHAHAH

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

btw the big AK, i oso 1st time chiong to the net, lucky the fellow take, and went under the net, and 45 deg away from the net, towards our resting area. got to bring the rod out, tong, and trying to siam the line from rubbing the wooden pole.. heng manage to pull tat bugger back to the net, out of the killing range, and put to safety..
damnnn... that remind me of offshore, fish going UNDER the boat.. feeling same same..

Syafiq89 said... problem xeno.. do you still remember?

that was funny man...

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

tats wad i always do for biggie.. hope tis work on u too

Syafiq89 said...
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Syafiq89 said...

yea man..good tactic.. will take note..but seriously its really hilarious and a good moment to remember..turn by turn,one after another..haha..
that guys siam.. u hold and still can land the fish.. superb man.. one of the best tactics to learn.. haha

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

this oso need F6 to help out too.. without him, we might not pull out those bigger.

Syafiq89 said...

yes ofcourse to F6.. one good shifu too.. haha.. its nice to fish with you bro.. and to sis jessy, salute u lah! the first time in my life seeing a woman who get a GAO! see you soon :)

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

btw, its not her 1st time kana gao, only its the 1st time she kana gao @ pond.. btw, she need to fight more fish inorder to improve herself. she still very bad at striking fish.. cos she always strike lightly.. scard the fish painful.. hai.....
Muz let her tio 1 time GT, 8KG and above den can. den she can PUMP well..

Syafiq89 said...

lol..bring her to gt pond la.. hahaha, confirm song!