Monday, April 26, 2010

Defeated Mission; 23rd April, 2130hrs GMT PrPP Basecamp

Fishios : Excalibur , MazaDan
Supporters : Syafiq , Vivian

Feeling with confidence, i decided to drop by our play ground for some action despite not having F6,Mr & Mrs Storm & whole lot of teamates around. Met up with our new addict; Danny who also came for some action.

Arrived at about 2130hrs & to my surprise, the usual Friday nite crowd is not there,in my mind thinking, jialat, the results will be greatly affected. Bought quite abit of fresh kembong & prawns earlier tat nite from NTUC. Danny bought quite abit of tamban wrapped in newspaper. We both quickly set up our rig which were single hook & floater. For me , i hook up a piece of kembong targetting big chor & threw infront from where i were; Danny followed suit. Moments later, my slack line drifted relatively fast; unlike the usual nibbing of small fishes, tightened my line & FISH ONz....A 1+ kg KBL took the bait!! yey..this time hor seh liao.. fought for few min, main line & leader gave way...damnz..!! My main line was new. Morale dropped 50%. Shortly, Syafiq came to reccee & gave support.

The whole pond was relatively quiet with nt much action. I changed my leader & went to target Kim Chio. Went over to the spot, threw in the rig & waited..line jumped & nip nip...WhaCked...KC onz...fought awhile & piak!! lost the rig & lost the fish on my 6lb varivas line, this time round is firmed tat the line got problem. Asked danny if he has spare reel to lend,to my relieve, he HAS!!...a stradic 4000 with 15lb braid; though overkill but wat the heck, looot ar!! Mins later, up came the other did danny who got his first fish of the nite;also a KC after about an hr later. Danny didnt do bad either, his effort paid off.. Changed back to his floater n prawn.. floater went down & FISH ONz... gave it a gd fight.. should b something big, he tried to bring in the fish but it gave him a CnRBL..

Couple of hrs passed & the results were rather slow; might be the heavy rain earlier that affected the bite rate. 30min past the 12 o clock mark & we decided to take things slowly & brought up our catch of the nite. So end of the nite, its 3 KCs for Danny & 3 KCs & 1 MJ for myself with couple of misses from the both of us. Enjoy...

ps: sorry for late post as the pic was taken frm my gf's phone.

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