Thursday, April 29, 2010

The golden number again

Yes! Wednesday finally…our usual day of fishing at PRPP….

Was informed by yong that he will be there at about 2030h but due to the fact that the missus and jeskel wanted to go shopping at daiso,so sent them to the one at rivervale mall before heading to PRPP. Syafig joined us at daiso and we bought a few things from there including the japans snacks and drinks . After that headed to playground at about 10pm.

Upon reaching there,Tommie,Patrick,Ogie,Xeno and Yong was there and just happened to see Yong land a GP and not long after Shawn arrived,while the 2 ladies sat on the stone chair having their fried rice with the belacan chilli yong gave,the rest of us sat there to have our small snack beer party. And he was sweating…how seh liao I thought…to see yong sweating hahaha

So sat down chit chatted with the rest while I set up my tackle and heard yong say “GAO!” hahaha…he landed a small gao….Saw all the foam on the water,telling myself bad night,as my usual observation was,foamy water,not much catch. After a while no action from the no trespassing sign area (maybe cos of the sign that’s why no fish) Head over to event pond to try my luck,1st cast to the turtle head(no pun intended) there was a pull and let go,I thought “ho seh liao today lucky day” reeled back and recasted to the same area, ^$^&$%*&%*(^&*($%$&^
after 10min no action at all,so went back to the area and recast to my crocodile spot ,after a while,no action,reel back change bait and wanna recast .The moment bail arm open and the casting action start…… “PIAAAAAAK!” what the hell,my rod broke at the top…
After cursing and swearing and remembering jes has a similar rod,borrowed the tip part and used again…. By now due to the 0000 and the broken tip,was a bit (actually not a bit but very,cos the model of the rod is one of my fav,consoled my self,just unlucky that it could be a weak blank) angry liao… DONG DONG……

Fish release time at sure catch pond side…. Went to the place where the washing barrel is and aimed swee swee casted to the last net,just in front of main door…. After a while….line tighten and slacken…well at least there was a bite on going…. Suddenly….


Talk about bad luck….CBH with one guy on floater…. Duno I suay or wat,it took him like forever to uncook the plate of bee hoon and I was really frustrated cos fish is still on….finally bee hoon separated into 2 plates and I reeld back in,remnants of my bait remain….the guy kept on apologizing to me,which I told him its ok of cos… Rebaited and stood near umbrella and recasted ,just as I was saw my bait hit water

Syafig shouted FISH ON….and went out to fight the fish,xeno while walking away to help syafig told me “outside 2nd net” Maybe I was angry or wat,cant understand his 2nd net is 2nd net from where we were fishing or 2nd net from the pump,so I casted to the big net and slowly reeled in. Next taking over from syafig was xeno,so I asked him and he told me second net from where we were fishing and I reeled back to re cast,at this point of time was like 15min after release time and I was telling myself to recast one more time and give it another 5min,no bite go off as the fish release frenzy would be gone soon,was chit chatting with xeno ,saying no fish bite and all the %&$&^$&^*came out as I reeled in and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz line went out.

Immediately walked my way out and fought the fish after 2 min landed….not big but full of fight,new fish maybe I was thinking to myself….
Rebaited and went to join xeno and he told me,”fish must scold,than will listen,no scold cannot” kinda true hahahaha

Total Rods in play 2

Total Catch 13

Total Present 10.5

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