Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kyoto Getaway : 27 April '10 - 1930hrs

Fishios : MazdaDan , Excalibur & Factor 6
Supporters : Who else but the gang of
brudders & sistas.

Once again,let the picture do the talking. BUT, dont get deceived,cos is the work of 3 hardworking guys who braved Hendon Camp trained elite commando mosquitos who ambushed us contineously in the open. The end results , F6 - 7 , S2 - 1 & Dan -1, the other 2 were contributed by a fishio & the caretaker.

It was a slow & quiet evening to start with where nt much takes were registered & nt even a sight of biggie jumping for a gasp of air... morale dampan.There werent many fishios either. As usual, the reigning champion lubber king brought out his killer lubbers; rigged up & started spinning from point to point, corner to corner. For both yours truely & MazadaDan, we followed suit; picked our spots & started casting lubbers as well. After several cast in the open, no takes at all, MazdaDan went to get some live prawns as an alternative to try out. By then, Factor six has hooked up his first KIM of the nite.Swee! Ive also changed from lubber to spin live prawn, shortly, Dan did the same. Shortly after a few cast, both of us managed to register our 1st KIM of the nite..morale went up abit but it didnt last long as we were all D*L** with the snags & the loss of our lubbers & countless rigs to the rough cemented floor.

Our Kim Chio King; burp arrived shortly after to give us morale support, Factor six went on a rampage to register more KIM hits with his "gong-tao" lubbers while both Dan & myself struggled with our live prawns. Jeskel,Mrs Storm & the rest of the gang arrived shortly after their cooking classes to give us more moral support. As usual, with us around, theres always comotions as the pond quietens down again for sometime.. Our morale sunk deeper as Factor Six continues to register more hits on his lubbers; we cant do nth much abt it either . Kims seems to like lubbers at Kyoto unlike at our usual playground; PrPP. We also have our fare share of losses too. Factor six lost a Kim believed to be at least in the 2kg class for being to "gan cheong" to whip his fish up & left the kim jumping in joy back to the pond. I had takes while spinning too, but didnt manage to strike a fish. Our neighbour, whos' leader line abt 3m in a dropper rig, managed to subdue a 3+ kg KIM with ease & was later brought back to the confinement area for recouperation.

Come May 1st, Kyoto Haven will have a competition with elimination with the heaviest catch, anyone interested to " pick up durains " are welcome.



PP777 said...

nice Cr,
but i wld dare say that the kims arent as big as before.

somehow many ponds are not releasing enuf biggies anymore.

Huh......!!! Kyoto got mosquitoes, forget abt BBQ there liao. Sianzzzzzz

Keith Peck said...

I think most pond quite sian at the moment. Almost bought a new reel for pond fishing yesterday. Decided otherwise after my PRPP outing. First pond fishing in months and very disappointing.

PP777 said...

for me PrPP is good to fish with on certain nites(Wed nite) and certain days()thursday afternoon.

well,shld decide what to fish when what types of fishes are available most.

Baits too must be fully prepared.