Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday Blues

5 April 2010,

Today got activation by bro syafig to go down to prpp for a gao feast,his mum cooked the gao he got last week for us to eat.

As my wrist is still hurting,was actually contemplating if I still wanna fish or just go there TCSS with the gang.

Missus got call from jes and she said she wanna go down too,ok pack my stuff and go down.

Went there Burp and Syafig was already fishing,saw bro dog lover who was there waiting for AA to catch up with him.

Looks like a quiet night when 3 anglers at the corner next to the plank to devils point landing one fish after another,looks like a mini frenzy….

But as I was having some problem with my cheapo UL set up,decide to go over to event pond to cast a few time to see if the line would still over run,sure enuff it did and had a good time trying to eat the plate of fried bee hoon there.

Finished the been hoon,tried casting a few more times,issue settled,jalan to bait shop and bought some prawns.

Set up and casted to the place where the few anglers were landing fish early on (by now they left the area)

Casted and waited…nothing happen,reel back ,try another angle….cast….reel back and suddenly pull on the line..fish on…fought for a while and landed was a ack….

And bro xeno and yong arrived.

Ok mission accomplished, “am kong” white dragon,dun care already….rigged on the “2 pong” theory and cast towards the midst of the croc…

Than party started……

Not fishing frenzy but gao feasting party hahahaha

Just then saw my line jumped and bro burp told me

“John this is not your pattern,rod don’t bend don’t bother”

“hahahaha true true ” so i left the rod there.

Let the rod jumped a few more time but no pulling of line.

After a while,was quite bored with masterbaiting on float looks like I am still better at masterbaiting with sinker.

So decide to try my luck at the devils point cos never had any luck there before.

Went to the corner and dropped my floater there.

“pop” float went down like missile under the net,no choice,rod and reel went under water to move out of the stilts way

Still cant pull the bugger out,called yong for help…

He came over tugged at the line,still no movement,so I decide to do it the commando way,got a piece of cloth,wrap round my palm.twsited my main line round my palm…and pulled

Saw the float was thinking “ho say liao”..but in the end only found a open hook and a scale on it….with the hook lodged into the net.

About 30min later,packed up and left

Total catch was 7 with 3 rods by me,syafig and burp


Angling Addict said...

Greaaaatttt CR Bro Storm.... I think in many ways, our style is pretty close! wakakakakaka

Anonymous said...

hahaha..bro not everytime i will write one lah..cos like going back to school compose compo

wolfblass2003 said...

gao he dinner.... slurp slurp!

Syafiq89 said...

yes wolf.. made both table size gao i got for dinner that night.. maybe one day we should all gather again..dinner on me :)