Monday, April 12, 2010

PRPP 10 April ' 10 Nite - Zero Biter UYGK

Mission by :

The Addict, Xeno, Storm, Chim Chim, Syafiq.
Supported by Burp, Wongsl. Mrs Storm

Again, not a greaaat nite in terms of fish.. Sya - Zero fighter, Storm - Zero fighter and all hail the Zero-Biter aka Angling Addict.

Devils point proved good for Xeno!!! Again, others did catch but it just wasnt our nite for those who were awarded UTEYBB - Utama Telor Emas Yang Besar Besar. Addict got his second award, UYGK - Utama Yang Gigi Kosong.

For the first time in his life at PRPP, the addict recorded a ZERO BITER!!!

Fish that were up looked great... hopefully the spell will be over soon.

Cheers for a greaaaattt time.

1 comment:

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

bro, got to chiong den can lor. too bad, snap a big ACK..