Saturday, April 17, 2010

PRPP 16 Apr '10 Nite - Nite of Kim Chios

Mission by : The Addict, Syafiq, Factor 6, Excalibur, Storm

Supported by : Purepunter777, Mrs Storm, Xenokel, Jeskel, Wasps, Burp, Simplicitie and Family

New friends : MazdaDan and His Little Princess. They had 1 Jack and 4 Kim Chios not in picture.

Great turnout for the Team. As usual, the noisiest bunch around more because the Kim Chios were playing.

The pictures say it all....

One KBL landed by Syafiq on Panther Martin not in the picture as presented to MazdaDan.

Main Event of the nite - The Addict hooked up, on his el cheapo setup, China Teben and a 20 year old rod brandless but nice flourogreen 3.5ft, to what he had thought was a Kim Chio and passed the rod to the little princess to play. Princess has a little trouble and passed it to Daddy. Daddy saw the colour and sounded back to the addict, its not small fish leh, its quite big. Handed the rod back to the Addict as it was a super soft rod. Fought until the edge and suddenly the line slack as the addict saw the fish twist. alamak!!! Hook opened. Sigh, then there was a commotion as the fish was seen stunned and worn out from the fight and still just hovering at the edge... PP777 hauled it up from the water like Lao Fu Zi and wallah! the fish was counted!!!

Twist of fate that the comic strip was put up hours earlier and it sorta happened the same nite!!!

It was a really fun nite as always and we are really glad to have made new friends, MazdaDan and his little daughter.

Cheers Team AA.

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