Friday, April 2, 2010

PRPP 1st April (late night fishing)

Hey addicts.. My cousin in law all the way from New York came over for holiday.. And hes been looking foward for pond fishing in Singapore.. Decided to bring him to PRPP instead..Went to the family Chalet at Aloha Loyang.. have some catch ups with the family, eat eat eat.. haha.. At about 10:15 we went off to PRPP..There are 8 people with us, Me,my dad,2 of my cousins, my cousin in law and my cousin's kids.. Upon reaching PRPP, suddenly i remembered.. Friday is a public holiday and its gonna be very crowded.. Indeed its true.. There is allllot of people.. no joke guys..ALOT!.. we waited awhile and finally found a spot for us near the water flow just opposite our usual spot.. Theres only 2 rods for us to play in the family.. :)
Cycle at the bait house and bought 300gram prawns and started our first cast at approx, 11:30pm.. well, i started off with luring.. while my cousin go with bottom.. nope, no bites at all for us.. i decided not to go "hardcore" tonight, because theres alott of people.. so yea.. wasted about 45mins.. look on my left, near the net where i usually got my biggies..yes its very crowded.. took the one and only BIG prawn in the net.. long leader.. sqeeze in with some of the anglers there.. cast at the corner of the net.. waited awhile..about 10mins.. my floater sinks slowly.. i talked to my neighbour, come per usual, me and xeno "10 counts game" i counted till 10 and ZAAAAAAAAAP!!! big and strong.. he went in the net.. manage to pull him out..played with that bugger for awhile.. everyone shouted "lai leow" and come to my area.. landed our first fish, a mother gao.. yay! biggest gao with Team AA..
thanks to the anglers beside me for retrieving their lines to prevent "bee hoon" for me.. and for the guy who borrowed me his S hook.. phew!
after that i went back to our spot and let my cousin in law play.. casted again at our area with 2 prwans.. cast and park.. put marker.. and told my cousin in law, its all yours now..
my other cousin relised that his tension is loose.. so he said that maybe he should cast again.. while retrieving back, he was shocked because theres actually a fish.. YAY! landed another bloated stomach mother gao! yahoo! two gaos! hehe.. Got a suprise guest by Sis Jessy.. she came and asked if i get a Gao?? wow, was shocked, the news spread so fast?? lol! talked chit chat with Sis Jessy for awhile.. she went prawing/crabbing with her daughters..haha..nice seeing you yea, handed over my rod to my cousin in law to play.. casted and a few mins, ZAAAAAAAAP! he got a nice size ACK.. "that was good" he said.. haha
after that it was quite.. was preety quite after that 3 fishes..Well, that plank is calling me eversince i start! hardcore fishing 2 prawn theory! long leader as usual..went there and let it drop to the bottom corner.. stayed for awhile.. decided to smoke while waiting.. after i lighted it.. squade down and concentrate.. In my head, one more gao please..haha.. then, the styro sinked very aggresively! this time i count to 3 only...ZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAPPP!!!!!!!!! haha.. as per usual, went under the net.. manage to pull that bugger out as soon as i tighten my drag.. yay! landed a nice sized Ang kuey! hehe.. times running out.. so went back over to take bait and just cast a few meters away from where we told me my cousin lost a take he said.. so casted and parked again..
Ah Wai was there talking to some anglers.. so went to him to offer a ciggerate.. looked over my styro.. its pooping like crazy.. im using a long leader with it cant be if its goona be popping that crazy.. i was saying to Ah Wai i using very long leader lehh..cannot pop that crazy i decided to retrieve slowly and see it sink slowly too.. YES AH! ZAAAAPP! splash splash fly fly.. its a KIM! yay!
YES BRO AA!! finally i got one!! hahaha.. we then call it a day since all of us are tired and have work tomorrow..stopped at 3..
so i got 3 fishes today,Gao,Ang kuey and Kim.. my cousin got one Gao, my cousin in law got one ACK with my tackle..and lost its 5 good sized fishes.. it was a preety good night afterall.. wont under estimate eventho theres ALOT of people next time.. Its all about how patience,concentration,effort and ofcourse CONFIDENCE.. and not forgetting the luck.. haha..
here are some pics guys.. hope you enjoy it..and happy april fool!!!

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Angling Addict said...

I may be wrong but the angmo looks like Geoff Wilson!!!