Saturday, June 5, 2010

PRPP 4th june 2010

Combat pp777,storm,piero & bruce reported for PRPP section attack.

Piero joined me shortly with his giant big size prawns from Gina.

john up an MJ from lure again after a miss,then shortly piero hooked up an Gao n shouted for help,
Bro Xeno went over as i was on a smaller Gao too.
Bruce got a fish on but the rod break n the fish lark kao.

Piero up another small gao n it somehow proves that the luminous sotong head jig works......

Fish release and there piero goes,he up 2 Ang Kuay,
wasn't around for who up the ack n another ak,
maybe Piero. Aint sure.

Bruce got a fish alas, with his new weapon coupled with his Stradic CI4.
after a short fight,he lost the fish during the 123 when he went over to pull the fish up by the leader.

The turnout was great,
F6 & excalibur joined us after Kyoto.

Chim Chim left earlier.
Danny,Mrs Storm & Jes, zhengwei,swimming coach n wifey,pp777 gf,Xeno.

Then F6 showed his magic,handsomely hooked up a KC by the stomach & big ACK by the cheek.

No KC platoon spotted.
Should pass the CR writing to Storm,
As for me, it is an enoyable night.

Storm's Version...Perfect 10 +1

It was a fun filled night with a big group of Team AA present

for me it was a luring night again this time(cos past few trips to PRPP masterbaiting dun work for me)
on full white panther martin,(that the only one left in my tackle box as i forgot to top up my tackle box with lures)
after losing the black one(ripped apart landed 3 fishes)
and green body red tail(lost in action)
and green body yellow tail(lost in action)
and greyish body yellow tail(lost in action)
and the milk fish(ripped apart landed 1 fish) look alike which CP bought back from china over a course of 2 weeks 5trips to PRPP
...but than this full white one(landed 3 fishes 2 by me,1 by xeno) also ripped apart from a huge take when xeno tried to do luring after me

anyways for me it was starting to lure 5th cast got a hooked up,while about to 123 fish decide to gargle its throat and threw my panther martin out

than lured for another 5min or so and got my 1st fish

casted again and was trying while Piero shouted from the other side "yong come and help got gao"
but at that point of time yongs floater went down so xeno went to was a double hook up of gaos....

bruce came and helped him rigged up...

somehow or rather due to inexperience at prpp his rod tip broke(suspected gao also cos of the slow submarine movement) and danny and i accompanied him to get a new rod

after a while nat and jes after their prawning session bought supper drinks back for us and at this point of time bruce had another take....yong assisted but like i say due to inexperience at PRPP,dun dare to 123 his fish on his rod and fish threw hook

after supper relaxed a while and F6 came with a GP and a big ACK,i continued to lure and got a fouled hook fish on the loop of the broken leader.....of course with a demo of 123 for bruce to see on a 8-12lb line class rod (same line class as the new one he bought,if i dun remember wrongly)

total 10 for Team AA plus 1 from Tony
and who says "PRPP GOT NO FISH" ??

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