Thursday, July 1, 2010

30 June 2010 PRPP

Main Contractors: Storm and Relaxed33

Sub-cons: Xenokel,PP777,Burp,Syafiq89

Deckie on hand:Tkk aka Sotong aka Squiggle

Total Catch 8(but only 6 in photo cos 2 kim chios already tabao by TKK)

A million apologies to Piero who went down but we were not there yet and he left

Apologies once again

Todays fishes were minimum 1kg in weight (even the kim chios were of that size)

Virgin deckie on hand released one fish into the water instead of keep net but that fish was later hooked back by the combined efforts of PP777 and Burp

Xenokel got a potential big hit that ran away due to some noob angler besides him blocking the way,not allowing him to have enough space to pull the fish out from the netting area

Relaxed33 got the biggest fish of the night at the no entry sign area

Storm Luring today take count :1
Landed count : 0 (haven set hook fish throw hook already)

Special Thanks to Syafiq who came down at 1am after his work.

Observations today at PRPP:

1...around 10 groupers landed by diff anglers 2 or 3 mama groupers,the rest baby groupers

2...KBL in the range of 2.5kg and up were landed about 6in total

3...Kim Chios landed today were all mama size,at least 1kg and above

Conclusion of the day:
Overall every angler at the pond has got hits and misses(as usual)

Special Notification
Next event: World Cup 2010 quarterfinals drink coffee watch soccer session

Date: 2 July 2010(confirmed location) and 3 July 2010(confirmed unless otherwise changed)

Location: Simpang Bedok aka Bedok Walk

Time: 2100hrs onwards

Event starter: Burp

Who can join: Anybody who is free and got nothing to do during that period of time and wanna watch soccer or drink one of the best milo dinosaurs in sg and dun mind travelling to Bedok

Costs involved: Individual Spending


Wasps said...


You referring to SPIZE at Simpang Bedok si boh???

Anonymous said...


burp say meet there only

so what the heck...
just meet there and than decide which part hahahaha

Natalie aka Mrs Storm said...

Didn't know they have live telecasts there at simpang bedok.. So TKK has finally been initialised? Haha.. maybe Next time bump 'accidentally' into noob anglers with a profuse sorry..

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

don like to drink milo dinasuar nvrm.. still got tea-O limo ice

Wasps said...

okok...I'll be shopping in expo on sat so might join you guys there.