Saturday, August 7, 2010

Any Dog Lovers Out there??

Hi all, just wanna share...sorry that its a non-fishing related stuff jus wondering if anyone is interested to help or contribute a little..
Today went with one of my polymates to FW 2 to this "Gentle Paws" , a shelther for abondoned dogs. Went to participate in the pledge a walk program organised every weekend for volunteers to go there and jus bring a dog out for a walk. Saw the place and of course the dogs there, environment was rather clean and dogs are bathed and well-maintained.

Just wondering if there is any kakis out there who are free during weekends can join me next sat to go bring the dogs go walk walk and maybe contribute a little to them to help them built up a roof-top for the dogs least when the weather comes'll know when u seen the place..

Last but not least..its a voluntary commitment required..can drop by when anyone is free...usually on weekends only..around noon time 12-5?? maybe..thanks for viewing..=)

L0nEr aka Zhen Wei...=)

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